Concert for Schools

2 May 2024, 1-2pm, £1 per school pupil, Big Top

For a musical experience your children will never forget, take a trip to Cheltenham Jazz Festival and join us for an exciting and interactive introduction to live jazz for pupils in Key Stage 2. 

This year’s extravaganza takes place in the awe-inspiring Big Top. Inspirational musicians with a passion for engaging young audiences will take children on a musical adventure to explore the fundamentals of jazz. Great music, audience participation, and a few surprises are guaranteed! 

Booking opens at 8am on Monday 5 February.   

To book tickets just click on the appropriate booking button

Jazz It Up

Saturday 4 and Sunday 5 May, 10.00am - 1:30pm, Free Stage

This showcase of Gloucestershire’s young musical talent is a popular fixture in the Jazz Festival programme. For young musicians and their teachers the opportunity to perform at the heart of this prestigious event is an unforgettable experience. It is an annual highlight for the bands as well as for our large and enthusiastic audiences. 

Jazz, blues, funk, soul; large, small; instrumental, vocal - we welcome ensembles of any shape, size, and level of experience. 

Booking opens at 8am on Monday 5 February.

For Primary or Secondary schools and Home Educators, useful information about your visit to Cheltenham Festivals is available here:

For further information on school visits, please contact