About FameLab

Thanks to a 15-year partnership with the British Council, FameLab has run in over 40 countries across the world together with more than 200 local partner organisations. This vibrant global network brought together over 40,000 scientists and engineers who were able to engage with international audiences.  

Aims of FameLab

  1. Encourage and enable science-related researchers to communicate their work with the public in an engaging and exciting way 
  2. Create an active, international community of science-related researchers who are confident and skilled in communicating their research with the public ​ 
  3. Facilitate an international network of trainers and institutions sharing resources, best practice and opportunities to support science communication 
  4. Find and support the next generation of Cheltenham Science Festival speakers​  

The Competition

Researchers from across the globe gather online or live to compete to vie for the title of world’s best science communicator. 

They’ll have just 3 minutes each to communicate their research to a global audience and an expert panel of judges. The winner is the speaker who best demonstrates FameLab’s three C’s – Content, Clarity and Charisma

FameLab UK – Hub Organisations

Cheltenham Festivals will work closely with twelve partner organisations who will be recognised as a Hub Organisation for FameLab for their region throughout the UK. These partners will be trained and equip with all the resources needed before they begin recruitment. Participants will apply centrally by selecting the hub nearest to them. Hub Organisations will then run training for all applicants in preparation to take part in their regional finals. Regional winners will then go to compete at a FameLab UK final, hosted live at the Cheltenham Science Festival. The FameLab UK winner will then represent the UK at the FameLab International Final. 


If you would like to become an FameLab UK Partner, please register your interest with us. More information about how to become a UK Hub Organisation coming soon.

FameLab International – Host Country Organisations

Cheltenham Festivals will work closely with international partner organisations who will be recognised as a Host Country Organisation for FameLab their country. These partners will be trained and equip with all the resources needed before they begin recruitment. Each country will run FameLab independently while still supported by Cheltenham Festivals. National winners will then go to compete at the FameLab International Final hosted online in November. 


More information about how to become an International Host Country Organisation coming soon.

We're delighted to continue FameLab with international partners for 2022 - Charles University in Czech Republic, Bielefeld Marketing in Germany; Psiquadro in Italy, South African Agency for Science and Technology Advancement (SAASTA) - a business unit of the National Research Foundation and Jive Media Africa in South Africa, the Life Science Zurich, BioScience Network Lausanne and Graduate Center University of Basel in Switzerland and The National Science Museum of Thailand. 

FameLab Academy

FameLab Academy is the sister to FameLab. It takes the same successful format and adapts it to a secondary school context.  

FameLab has been a great chance to meet inspiring people who are doing and communicating wonderful research around the world. Learning from each other, encouraging each other and building networks that will last into the future has been a brilliant experience, and one that I’ve been very lucky to be a part of. Tim Gordon, FameLab International Winner 2019 

FameLab News

Nehemiah Latolla is crowned FameLab International Champion 2022

Friday 25 November 2022

The return of FameLab International

Tuesday 15 November 2022