Wish List Troubleshooting

  • Do not refresh your browser if you are in the queue to get into the website, this will put you back to the end of the queue.
  • Events will not show as ‘on-sale’ before their designated on-sale time.
  • If you bought Membership online you will need to log out and back in again to be able to activate this Membership and buy tickets online.
  • If you are into the website but you cannot see events listed or on-sale that should be, please refresh your cache. The simplest way to do this is to add ?refresh to the end of the current url in your browser. See here for more information on caching. Simply refreshing the webpage will not update your cache.
  • If you try to add your Wish List to your basket but get an error message it will be because one or more events will have insufficient availability of the price type selected (typically the highest price seats sell out first). If you would like a different price type for your event please select it now and then remove any events that have already been added to the basket as otherwise these will get added again.