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Patron Acknowledgements

We would like to thank all our Patrons for their invaluable support for the festivals throughout the year. Your help enables the festivals to go from strength to strength.


Dame Judi Dench

Life Patrons

Andrew Smith
Charles Fisher
Chris and Bridgette Sunman
Colin and Suzanne Doak
David and John Hall

Diane and Mark Hill
Dominic and Jannene Collier
Dr Lynda Albertyn & Pat Gallasch
Eileen Lockwood
Elizabeth and Michael Jones Family
Fingerhuth Leung Family
Fiona and David Symondson
Fiona McLeod
Hazel and Jeremy Lewis
Hugh and Sue Koch
Jeff and Keren Illiffe
Jeremy and Germaine Hitchins Family
John and Susan Singer
Jonathan and Cassinha Hitchins Family
Keith Norton and Piers Norton
Liz and Neil Stewart
Luanne and Hodson Thornber
Lucy Freeman and Peter Hulett
Margaret Headen
Mark and Elizabeth Philip-Sørensen
Mark and Sue Blanchfield
Michael and Felicia Crystal
Michelle Thorley
Miles and Monica Dunkley
Peter and Anne Bond

Phil and Jennifer Stapleton
Rick and Lisa Jones
Robert and Moira Leechman
Sharon Studer and Graham Beckett
Simon Skinner and Jean Gouldsmith Skinner
Stephen and Tania Hitchins Family
Steven and Linda Jones
Sue Dudley
The Eaton Family
The McKelvie Family
The McWilliam family in loving memory of Ruth McWilliam
The Walker Family

Directors’ Circle

Andrew and Caroline Hope
Andrew and Susanne Malim
Andy and Ali Stalsberg
Anthony and Rowenna Poeton
Arlene Davies
Carol and Adrian Farnell
Clive Lewis OBE DL
Colin & Susan Enticknap
David Penney
Emma Logan
Hayden and Tracy McKinnes
Heather Barrett
In Memory Of Edward & Gladys Parker
Jack Black
Jan and Gill Rowe
Jason Robson and Shelley Bence
Jeremy and Alison Halliday
Joanna Morrison
KB Beaton
Lady Marychurch
Mark and Moira Hamlin
Michael and Angela Cronk
Michael and Rosie Warner
Mr and Mrs D M Gates
P. J. Moore
Paul Toner
Peter Stormonth Darling Charitable Trust
Sally Dimmer
Simon and Emma Keswick
Spencer McPherson & Emily Poole
Stephen Hodge
Stephen Wood
The Miskin Family
The Oldham Foundation
The T S Eliot Foundation

Gold Patrons

Adrian and Cassandra Phillips
Anthony Hoffman and Dr Christine Facer Hoffman
Brenda Salters and Harold Longmate
Charlie Chan
Christopher Bence
Dr Julia Pearson and Dr Keith England
Elizabeth Jacobs
Esther and Peter Smedvig
Geraldine and Jim Beaty
Ian Culverhouse
Khal and Zoe Rudin
Kim Moore
Lord and Lady Hoffmann
Marc and Melanie Gillespie
Martin and Susan Pickard
Maurice Gran and Carol James
Meredithe Stuart-Smith
Mike and Judie Hill
Mr and Mrs Riff Heber-Percy
Nicholas and Alixandra Avery
Paul and Kathy Mottershead
Peter and Sue Elliott
Sam Berwick
Sarah and John Watkins
Sir Michael and Lady McWilliam
Stephen Bond
Stuart Palmer
Sue Jones
Su-Mei & Marcus Thompson
Wallace and Morag Dobbin
Wendy and John Barnes

Silver Patrons

Aileen Ronaldson
Alex and Hattie Hambro
Alison Besterman
Andrew and Jan Clift
Andrew Bean
Andrew Pitt and Pamela Odih
Anne Evans
Anne Strathie
Carolyn McQuitty
Charles Rodway
Dame Patricia Routledge DBE
David Jones
David Jones and Amanda Payne
Debra Drew and Nigel Browne
Denise Finch
Dr Anthony Harris
Eric Labrum
F Gabriel
G Greenhalgh & S Bond
John Rawson
Jonathan and Gail Taylor
Kate Adie
Lady Curtis
Lavinia Sidgwick
Malcolm & Tanya Free
Marilyn Burn
Mark Chard
Michael Furie
Michael H Bond
Miss Fiona Court
Mr and Mrs J. L. C. Ward
Mr and Mrs JNP Kirkpatrick
Neil Makin and Pamela Street
Paula and David Baldwin
Phil Reynolds
Professor A C Grayling
Professor Andrew McNaught
Professor Keith Millar and Professor Margaret Reid
Professor Lord Winston
Richard and Andrea Timperley
Rob and Tricia Hill
Robert and Carolyn Warr
Roger and Jane Hanks
Ross MacDonald
Sam and Sarah Hanks
Sigrid and Ben Atkinson
Simon Collings
Sir David and Lady Pepper
Sir John and Lady Aird
Susan and Michael Durkin
Tim Hart

We would also like to thank all our Patrons who have chosen to remain anonymous.

For information on the Patrons’ Scheme please contact:

Fiona Magowan
Patrons and Trusts Administrator
01242 537 263