Opening Times

Tuesday, 4 – 6pm, family late night opening

Tuesday – Friday, 10am – 3pm, all ages

Friday, 6 – 10pm, over 18s only

Sunday, 10 – 11am, quiet opening Saturday and Sunday

10am – 5pm, all ages

The Arcade

Welcome to The Arcade! Get your tokens ready to make, break and create. Test out your skills on our fun, creative and two-player challenges. Come along to The Arcade to play games of the past, present and future. Plus, hang out with our cyber crackerjacks and learn how you can be a change maker in cyber. 


Get ready, get set, make! Bring your imagination and invent your own creations in the MakerShack. Code a robot, try out the latest technology, discover some curious squidgy stuff, and celebrate all things materials and making. Hone your crafting skills with expert makers, crafters, scientists and engineers. 

Discover Zone

Immerse yourself in a world of fun and interactive science in the newly designed Discover Zone. Journey through and get hands on with science, quiz scientists on their cutting-edge research and discover the wonders of nature and sustainability in our new Compost Corner. Who knows what you might discover. 

GE Aerospace Pavilion

Exploring various hands-on engineering activities, you'll connect with GE Aerospace engineers who are solving big technology challenges and working on things that really matter to each of us. During the Festival there will be a number of talks and activities to introduce young people to possible career paths, demonstrating how personal aspirations, interest and passions can go hand in hand with the world industry and business needs. Visit the GE Aerospace Pavilion to find out about career opportunities and how GE Aerospace is solving engineering challenges by connecting the world. 

Multisensory Maze

Get ready to be challenged...


You might think that perception is like a well-organised city with five separate districts: vision, audition, taste, smell and touch. But there are many hidden senses inside our bodies and brains and the final experience you have when you touch something may also start with what your eyes or ears are telling you. Perhaps it’s more accurate to think that there is one big overlapping output: perception. With many points of entries, and perhaps only one exit, the senses are more like a maze, which neuroscientists and psychologists map using complex methods like fMRI or EEG. The Multisensory Maze is the result of work between scientists, philosophers, architects and designers built to stimulate our senses and challenge our perceptions.


Can you find your way through the Multisensory Maze?


Suitable for all ages, children must be supervised by an adult at all times.

Find out more about Cheltenham Science Festival 2023

What is Cheltenham Science Festival?

What is Cheltenham Science Festival?

What's On at Cheltenham Science Festival 2023?

What's On at Cheltenham Science Festival 2023?

Get a taste of Cheltenham Science Festival

Get a taste of Cheltenham Science Festival