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A Message From Michele Beint, Chair of Cheltenham Design Foundation

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In 2016, The Times Cheltenham Science Festival and the Cheltenham Design Foundation joined forces to create a programme of 13 events celebrating the cross-over between science and design under the name ‘Designing the Future’.


As Chair of the Cheltenham Design Foundation, I’m very excited about this year’s collaboration with The Times Cheltenham Science Festival. We launched the Foundation in 2009 to highlight how good design has the power to transform the way we live. Our own events have always celebrated the diverse possibilities of creative thinking, from advancements in space travel to the everyday objects we take for granted, such as kitchen appliances and cars. Now, we’re examining the connections between design and science in an exciting strand called Designing the Future.

I’m really pleased that acclaimed design critic Alice Rawsthorn is making a return to Cheltenham for Science by Design. Learn how designers have harnessed science in the past and discover how this relationship might evolve in the future.

Viktoria Modesta is another speaker I’m eager to hear from. With a global performing career and famously futuristic prosthetic limb, this bionic popstar embraces creativity and technology with gusto; join her in Dark Star to witness how science has invaded our pop culture.

In The Digitized City, The Observer’s architecture critic Rowan Moore and urban change guru Charles Landry will be asking how we can redesign our urban environment in a digital era. With how we’re shaping our cities high on the political agenda, it’s not to be missed.

As a foundation we’re committed to inspiring young minds and run a free Saturday school, the Cheltenham Design Academy. At this year’s Science Festival we have events exclusively for 14-16 years olds, to inspire the next generation of young designers . In The Invention Lab, join Mark Champkins, the first Designer-in-Residence at the Science Museum, to create strategies for tackling one of the UK’s biggest problems: how to reduce the millions of tonnes of food and drink we throw away each year. Our event How to Have Great Ideas! does exactly what it says on the tin, showing young people how to harness their innate creativity.

Of course, there are many more inspiring events at the Science Festival that throw the spotlight on how our world is rapidly changing in all areas, from fashion to transport and even how we experience the works of Shakespeare. If you’ve got any thoughts on creativity and science, get in touch with us on Twitter using @CheltDesignFest or #SciFestDesign. We’d love to hear from you.

Michele Beint
Chair of the Cheltenham Design Foundation

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