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Town Centre Activities

Over the past two years we have been building a programme of events and activities in Cheltenham town centre geared towards a less engaged audience, who may feel science isn’t for them. We are looking for activities which can run on the streets of Cheltenham, and in local venues such as cafes, pubs, galleries.

Our 2016 and 2017 programmes included science buskers, flashmobs, illustrators and urban foraging on the streets of Cheltenham, as well as cocktail chemistry, a virtual reality tour of Mars and more in local venues. You can find the 2017 programme here.

For 2018, we are particularly interested in activities that are visually attractive, and which people can stumble across as they go about their usual activities, such as shopping or going out for a drink.

Want to be a part of the programme?

Please fill in the form below giving as much information as possible. The deadline for town centre activities is Midday on Monday 20th November.

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