Friday 7 June

Emma Freud meets David Attenborough

10am – 10.35am

David Attenborough in conversation with Emma Freud at The Times and The Sunday Times Cheltenham Literature Festival 2018.

Apollo: Raw and Uncut (Part 5)

12pm – 2pm

Chris Riley’s unique video installation shows what the earth looks like from space through NASA’s entire collection documented between 1966 and 1972. Apollo missions and Neil Armstrong’s first steps on the moon are included in this free showing of filming shot by human beings in space and on the surface of the moon.

Apollo: Raw and Uncut consists of 13 hours of footage that will be split across 6 screenings over the course of the Festival.

A Residence Above The Clouds

2.15pm – 4.25pm

In 1856, frustrated by the polluted skies in Edinburgh, Charles Piazzi Smyth, the Astronomer Royal for Scotland and Jessie, his wife, embarked on a remarkable journey to find clearer views. This innovative and passionate scientist, painter, and photographer took state of the art equipment up the highest volcano in Tenerife to create the first high altitude observatory.


4.25pm – 4.55pm

FameLab is a science communications competition designed to engage and entertain. Contestants from around the world take part armed only with their wits and a few props – the result is an unpredictable, enlightening and exciting way to encourage your curiosity. Whet your appetite with this assortment of footage taken from FameLab over the years.

FameLab International Final 2018

4.55pm – 7.30pm

Watch the entire FameLab International Final from 2018.