News and social media feeds are full of images and videos of wildlife appearing to thrive under lockdown. Whether it is birds not having to sing as loudly, deer wandering around industrial estates or elephants coming into towns it would seem that wildlife has never had it so good as when COVID19 struck. But globally, the picture is much more complex and much more worrying. With overseas money funding so much conservation, the survival of wildlife under lockdown is a major concern. In this lecture, Professor Adam Hart will explore how COVID19 is affecting wildlife around the world and what it means for the future of conservation.

Part of the University of Gloucestershire Living Room Lectures – a series of short lectures running every other Wednesday at 1pm from 20th May onwards. The full schedule is available on the university website.


Adam Hart is Professor of Science Communication at the University of Gloucestershire. He carries out research on entomology, ecology and citizen science and is a regular broadcaster and author of popular science articles. He presents documentaries for BBC Radio 4, BBC4 and BBC2, as well as the weekly BBC radio programme Science in Action. He is involved with large-scale citizen science projects including the Flying Ant and Starling Murmuration surveys with the Royal Society of Biology.


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