The pain of regret can be agonising, but what is its purpose? And can psychology teach us how to manage and overcome it better? All in the Mind’s Claudia Hammond is joined by psychologist Teresa McCormack, whose research considers how our childhood experiences of this emotion inform our decision-making in adult life, psychologist Fuschia Sirois, whose research examines regret and counterfactual thoughts – thoughts about ‘what could have been’ – and their implications for how people feel and behave, and journalist Bryony Gordon (Glorious Rock Bottom), who speaks candidly about her experience of addiction and its impact on herself and those around her, to explore how we can effectively live with regret, show ourselves more self-compassion, and gain valuable insights to improve our future choices.

This event is being recorded for BBC Radio 4’s All in the Mind. Latecomers may not be admitted.

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The Art of Rest

Glorious Rock Bottom


Cheltenham Ladies' College, Parabola Arts Centre

Parabola Arts Centre is located in a Grade II listed building in the glamorous Montpellier district of Cheltenham. The centre was built as a facility for students of Cheltenham Ladies’ College and to be used as a public arts centre by the local community.

The original, listed Bayshill House was transformed into a gallery, bar and foyer area. The villa also houses all the rehearsal spaces, offices, video editing suite, dance studio and library. This means that the regular activity of the building takes place in the light, beautifully restored listed building.

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