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Combine science with adventure as you travel to the centre of the body’s immune response with Hannah Baer and UK FameLab alumna Hannah Bialic. Taking on the roles of viruses and bacteria, work in teams to solve puzzles and evade our human natural defences so you and your microbial friends can grow and multiply. Keep your eyes open throughout the journey and collect keys to unlock the full picture of the body’s complex and amazing immune system.

This is a workshop, so assemble the necessary materials and prepare to get hands-on.


Hannah Bialic is a neuroimmunology researcher at the University of Glasgow, focusing on Guillain-Barre syndrome research. She is an avid science communicator and – when not actively working on science – is delivering public engagement through a variety of mediums. She was the 2018 Scottish Famelab champion and had the pleasure of competing in the UK Famelab final during the Cheltenham Science Festival in 2018, and since that she has been involved with the festival ever since! Outside of science she is a reader, writer and outdoors enthusiast. 

Hannah Baer is a precision medicine Ph.D. student at the University of Glasgow, interested in stratifying Inflammatory Bowel Disease. She is a first-timer at the Cheltenham Science Festival but has previously been involved with science communication through many different channels. Amongst other things she is a previous speaker at events such as Pint of Science and a published author at the Glasgow GIST. Outside of science Hannah is a passionate runner and foodie. 


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