789 million people around the world still lack electricity, but the efforts to ensure access to affordable and clean energy are growing. Our daily investigation into the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals with Greg Foot looks at affordable and clean energy with James Clarke from Severn Wye and Maxine Akhurst from the British Geological Survey.

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James Clarke works for Severn Wye Energy Agency, a sustainability charity based in Gloucestershire and working across Wales and the border counties of England. They work to lower carbon emissions in households, businesses and communities while addressing energy poverty and promoting climate action. James is a communications professional with a background in international development and works across all of Severn Wye’s projects to promote a sustainable relationship with energy.

Dr Maxine Akhurst is a geologist at the British Geological Survey. Her enthusiasm for geoscience was first raised at school in Stroud, Gloucestershire, and then university studies in Wales, Canada and north-east England. Her research at British Geological Survey has included research on marine geology, rocks of south-west, central and eastern Scotland and, since 2008, using UK geological formations to reduce carbon dioxide emissions from energy generation and use.


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