For hundreds of thousands of years humans have had huge effects on the world around them, some catastrophic and some encouraging exquisite evolution. We have changed earth so much that we have had to start adapting to catch up with the changes we’ve made. Helen Pilcher (Life Changing: How Humans are Altering Life on Earth) and Adam Hart (Unfit For Purpose: When Human Evolution Collides with the Modern World) talk about the ways that humans are shaping evolution.


Helen Pilcher is a tea-drinking, biscuit-nibbling science and comedy writer with a PhD in Cell Biology. A former reporter for Nature, she now specializes in biology, medicine and quirky off-the-wall science, and writes for outlets including the Guardian, Science Focus and BBC Wildlife. She’s a huge moth fan, her favorite bird is a kakapo and she has the love of a genetically modified wolf called Higgs.

Adam Hart is a biologist, broadcaster and author. He is Professor of Science Communication at the University of Gloucestershire where he splits his time between teaching, research into insects, ecology and African conservation, and science communication to all audiences. He is a regular presenter for BBC Radio 4 and World Service and has also co-presented documentaries for BBC4 and BBC2. His most recent popular science book is Unfit for Purpose (Bloomsbury), which explores how human evolution clashes with the modern world.

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Life Changing: How Humans are Altering Life on Earth

Unfit for Purpose



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