Leading conservationists Lydia Gibson and Dan Hoare explore the realities of conservation and why it’s often a topic that we shy away from. Chaired by Hana Ayoob, this discussion will shed light on important issues including poaching, trophy hunting, animal extinction and more, leaving you feeling enlightened and inspired to take action.

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Hana Ayoob is a science communicator and illustrator. She enjoys bringing people together to enjoy exploring the world around them. Hana has a background in Zoology, and will draw and talk about animals whenever possible.

Dan Hoare has spent nearly 20 years working with Butterfly Conservation to save threatened butterflies, moths and other wildlife. Developing and delivering species recovery at a landscape scale, we build collaborative approaches with landowners, partners and local communities. Species we have brought back from the brink include the Duke of Burgundy, Chequered Skipper, Black-veined Moth and Barberry Carpet. Using butterfly and moth populations as indicators success for wider nature recovery, we show how biodiversity can be restored by collective action to make a better world.

Lydia Gibson is a postdoctoral researcher at UCL. Her work combines anthropology and ecology to consider how conservation – as a praxis, a science, a phenomenon, and a set of images – impacts traditional forest-based communities with particular focus on forest-based Maroon communities in Jamaica. Lydia helps to coordinate the use of traditional knowledge in the assessment of endemic Jamaican parrots as a IUCN Specialist Group member and documents forest-based traditions through a number of indigenous mapping projects.

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