Join two of the UK’s leading chess players to get hands-on and learn about DeepMind’s Grand Master-beating AlphaZero programme. Natasha Regan and Matthew Sadler explain the winning strategy and moves deployed by the AI. Let’s play.

Suitable for all levels. If you’ve enjoyed this, why not try Shogi (Japanese chess) for beginners.


Having studied mathematics at Cambridge University, Natasha Regan is an insurance and risk management professional and an accomplished games player. She has represented England at chess, Go and Shogi and is a 7-times UK Pair Go champion. Natasha, with Matthew Sadler is the co-author of two chess books, both of which have won the prestigious ECF Book of the Year award. Her book, Game Changer tells the story of DeepMind’s self-taught AI AlphaZero and what chess players can learn from AlphaZero’s games.

Matthew Sadler is a chess grandmaster, a 2-times British Champion and a medal-winning member of the English Olympiad team, currently ranked 43rd in the world and no 2 in England. Matthew is also a prize-winning chess author and writer. Game Changer – co-authored with Natasha Regan – won the prestigious ECF and FIDE book of the year prizes.

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Game Changer


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