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Training, Heats & Finals

We aim to make FameLab accessible to as many researchers as possible. Training and heats are held in several locations around the country, all of which will be online this year. To support our local organisers, please select the region that is geographically closest to you when registering to take part. See the participating regions below. Register with your local region here!

Location Training Heat Final
Aberdeen 1 March, 2pm 15 March, 2pm 15 April
Cambridge Training complete February – March 2 April, 7.30pm
Cardiff Training complete Heat complete Final complete
Glasgow Training complete 10 & 11 March, 6.30pm 15 April
Gloucestershire Training complete Heat complete 23 March, 11am
Oxford Training complete Heat complete 12 March, 6pm
St. Andrews Training complete 3 March 15 April
Swansea Training complete Heat complete Final complete

Closing date for registration: the day before each heat.

“[The masterclass trainer] created an interactive environment for everyone to participate, share thoughts, and engage in the activities… It was very personable, which is hard to do when everyone is calling in over Zoom!”

UK Finalists at the Masterclass in June 2020