I’ve registered to take part… what next?

When you have registered to take part, your local FameLab organiser will contact you with further details about the training session and heats.

The training session aims to build your confidence and ability in communicating your research, but while you wait for further details you may wish to begin preparing your 3-minute talk.

Read the rules of FameLab, and look through these top tips and free resources for preparing an engaging science talk:

  • Get 3 pieces of advice from FameLab International trainer, Jamie Gallagher
  • Watch Wendy Sadler, FameLab International trainer, explain her 6 top tips
  • Check out this Talking Science online course, created by FameLab International host Greg Foot
  • Watch some previous FameLab talks. Think about what you like or don’t like, what works or doesn’t work so well… why is this? How does each talk or speaker make you feel as the audience?
  • Consider the FameLab judging criteria of Content, Clarity and Charisma, which every good talk should include. Prepare your talk to be scientifically accurate, clearly understandable to your audience, and show your personality… FameLab aims to engage and entertain general audiences, so have fun and enjoy yourself!