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FameLab UK Vote

During the FameLab UK final, you will be given the opportunity to vote for your favourite performance.

Vote for your favourite

How and when to vote

You will be able to vote via the link above on Wednesday 9 June, when all participants have spoken (approximately 8:20pm). You will have approximately 5 minutes to cast your vote, so be prepared!

Your vote is a two-step process: you are asked to first select your top 3 choices, and then rank these choices in order of preference (i.e. rank your favourite as #1, your second favourite as #2, and your third favourite as #3).

How your voting data will be used

The most preferred overall talk in the final will win the audience vote. To work out which FameLab talk was the most preferred overall, the average ranking for each participant will be calculated. The participant with the largest average ranking is the most preferred choice.

Weights are applied in reverse, so your most preferred choice (which you rank as #1) has the largest weight, and your third preferred choice (which you rank as #3) has the smallest weight. For more information on the weighting, please visit the SurveyMonkey website.

The audience choice will be announced during the event in the YouTube chat box and on social media.

Vote for your favourite

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