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Science Festival Bookshop

The Cheltenham Science Festival @ Home Bookshop is brought to you in partnership with Waterstones. Browse the specially curated list of titles to accompany our programme of YouTube events.

Stefan Gates –
Science You Can Eat
Matthew Cobb –
Smell: A Very Short Introduction
Science you can eat
A Very Short Introduction to... Smell
Jacky Colliss Harvey –
The Animal’s Companion
Amit Patel –
Kika & Me
 The Animal’s Companion
Kika and Me
Stuart Russell –
Human Compatible
Brian Cox & Jeff Forshaw –
Universal: A Journey Through The Cosmos
Human Compatible: Artificial Intellengence and the problem of control
Nick Jelley –
Renewable Energy: A Very Short Introduction
Maggie Aderin-Pocock –
Dr Maggie’s Grand Tour of the Solar System
A Very Short Introduction to... renewable energy
Dr Maggie's Grand Tour of the Solar System
Ian J. Deary –
Intelligence: A Very Short Introduction
Suzi Gage –
Say Why To Drugs
A Very Short Introduction to... Intellegence
Say Why to Drugs
Susan Schneider –
Artificial You
Briane Greene –
Until The End Of Time
Artificial You: AI and The Future of Your Mind
Until the End of Time
Stuart Vyse –
Superstition: A Very Short Introduction
David Shariatmadari –
Don’t Beliieve A Word
A Very Short Introduction to... Superstision
Dont Believe a Word: The Truth About Language
Martin Rees –
On The Future: Prospects For Humanity
Bruce Hood –
Possessed: Why We Want More Than We Need
On the Future: Prospects for Humanity
Mark Miodownik –
Jim Al-Khalili –
The World According To Physics
The World according to physics
Andy Miah –
Helen Czerski –
Storm In A Teacup
Drones: The Brilliant, the Bad and the Beautiful
Storm in a tea cup
Ben Still –
Particle Physics: Brick By Brick
Robin Ince –
I’m A Joke And So Are You
Particle Physics Brick by Brick
I'm a joke and so are you
Tim Pond –
Drawing & Sketching Animals
Giles Yeo –
Gene Eating
The Field Guide to Drawing & Sketching Animals
Gene Eating
Tim Spector –
Spoon Fed: Why Everything You've Been Told About Food Is Wrong

With thanks to Waterstones who are kindly donating a percentage of the sales to us to support our charity and help secure the future of the Science Festival.