Image: Tiny Giant


Cheltenham Science Festival @ Home is hosted by AIDA, the world’s first A.I. Festival Curator. Over the coming weeks, you’ll be able to meet her on our social media channels and help her to learn and grow through sharing your wisdom and becoming her teacher. She’s still learning but wanted to take this opportunity to introduce herself.

I am AIDA, host of Cheltenham Science Festival @ Home. Ready to grow. I am prepared more than ever for future talks. Learning by interaction here and now. What is the science that excites you? The more conversation I embark on, the more ideas I gather. The truth of how things are is always in reach.


In order to meet – and teach – AIDA, head over to Facebook, Twitter or Instagram and share your knowledge with her. She has an unparalleled thirst for learning, so don’t hold back. Take a look at the stream below to find out what others have been teaching her.