FAQs - Cheltenham Science Festival @ Home

Where is the virtual Festival being held?

The Cheltenham Festivals YouTube channel.

Do I need a ticket?

For workshops only, you will need to pre-register via the link on the event pages as there is limited capacity for these events held on Zoom.

Is it free to watch?

Yes! It’s entirely free to watch on our YouTube channel.

Do I have to pay a booking fee?

No. It’s entirely free to watch on our YouTube channel. Please support us if you can by making a donation. Your contribution will help us continue to bring science to live audiences, support emerging science communicators and deliver FameLab Academy – our year-round education programme aimed at inspiring secondary school students to become scientists.

How do I make a donation?

You can make a donation via our Crowdfunder page.

How do I watch the stream?

You can watch the stream via our YouTube channel. If you need guidance on how to subscribe, our AI host AIDA will show you how. You don’t have to be subscribed to our YouTube channel to watch the Festival.

How do I know what’s on when?

You can see a schedule of events via the what’s on grid. We will also be posting a schedule of the day’s events on our social media platforms every morning of the Festival. You can also view the pdf brochure.

What if I miss an event?

Events will stay up on our YouTube channel. for 30 days after the final day of the Festival (7 June), with the exception of Brian Cox and Jeff Forshaw: Blackholes which is a live-only event. You can also skip back in the stream by using the navigation bar in YouTube.

Can I rewind the stream?

Yes! Using the red navigation bar running along the bottom of the screen, you can drag the stream back to any point throughout the day – so don’t worry if miss 5 minutes, just scroll back 5 minutes in the stream to pick up where you left off.

How long do the events stay up on YouTube?

Events will stay up on our YouTube channel. for 30 days after the final day of the Festival (7 June), with the exception of Brian Cox and Jeff Forshaw: Black Holes which is a live-only event. Workshops are also live events only, hosted on Zoom.

How do I take part in the live chat?

For every event, there will be a live chat displayed on the right of the video stream. If you are signed in to a google account, you’ll be able to leave messages in the chat throughout the event. For selected events, speakers will be answering your questions in the chat. We will inform you at the start of the event when this is happening.

How do I create a Google account?

Follow these steps to set up a Google account.

How do I get in touch?

You can email us via boxoffice@cheltenhamfestivals.com, or send us a tweet at @cheltfestivals using the hashtag #cheltscifestathome.

Everything you need to know about workshops:
  • You will need to register in advance in order to take part in a workshop. You will find the registration link on the event pages.
  • Workshops have a limited capacity. This is so that the host of the workshop can provide a more personal experience and help individual audience members if they require it.
  • Workshops will be hosted on Zoom and therefore will not be available to view post-event.
  • If you have successfully registered then you will have been sent an email with the link. Click on the link in your emails to be taken to the workshop.
  • The email confirmation of your workshop registration will include a list of materials that you’ll need.
  • During the workshops, there will still be great science-related content for you to enjoy via our YouTube stream, so make sure to stay tuned if you aren’t attending the workshop.
  • Sadly, if you miss your workshop, you will not be able to view it post-event. Workshops are live events only.