Day 6 - Cheltenham Science Festival @ Home

The final day begins with the second of our exclusive FestCast’s on the Genomics of Covid-19: Tracking And Tackling The Virus. Science Festival Chair Vivienne Parry is joined by UCLs Professor of Biochemical Engineering Suzanne Farid, Principal Research Associate Richard Angell, Chair in Computational Biology Systems, Francois Balloux, and Professor of Virology Judith Breuer.

Everyone’s favourite physicist Jim Al-Khalili is joined by Sumit Paul-Choudhury to explore where theoretical physics stands at the dawn of the third decade of the 21st century.

Andy Miah has us dancing with drones as he explores how they will affect the future of our species as they gradually replace the need for humans.

The third and final exclusive FestCast’s is Reimagining The Future In The Time Of Corona. UCL’s Professor of Climatology Mark Maslin, Associate Professor of Science & Technology Studies Jack Stilgoe and Professor of Virology, Deenan Pillay talk to Science Festival Chair, Vivienne Parry about the future post-coronavirus.

Greg Foot takes a daily delve into one of the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals. Today he’s joined by young activist Daze Aghaji and UKRI Researcher Mark Sutton to look at SDG 13: Climate Action.

We revisit David Attenborough’s fascinating talk from Cheltenham Literature Festival in 2018. He discusses the environment, his childhood, the latest edition of Life on Earth, working at the BBC & much more.

Helen Czerski speaks to Ian Brooks, Allison Fong and Julienne Stroeve, who have recently returned from the largest polar expedition in history. They discuss their ground-breaking research and life in the shifting ice.