Day 5 - Cheltenham Science Festival @ Home

The day begins with the launch of our latest FestCast Learning from Pandemics where Cheltenham Science Festival Chair Vivienne Parry is joined by John Sabapathy, Senior Lecturer in Medieval History, Nicola Miller, Professor of Latin-American History, Graham Hart, Professor of Sexual Health and HIV Research and Professor of Infectious Disease, Anne Johnson to discuss what can be learned from past pandemics to help us prepare for the future?

Our streamed events start at midday. Mark Miodownik and Danielle Purkiss with Lesley Greene reveal the results of the Big Compost Experiment, a nationwide citizen science experiment testing whether biodegradables are really the answer to the plastic waste crisis.

Greg Foot takes a daily delve into one of the of the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals. Today he’s joined by Giles Yeo and Helen Fletcher to look at SDG 3: Good Health and Wellbeing.

In Personalised Diets, Giles Yeo and Tim Spector explore the influence of genetics on our food and eating habits and consider how the key to a healthy diet is more individual than you might think.

Helen Czerski voyages into the depths of our blue planet, providing fascinating insights into our oceans and exploring the scale of influence humans have on them.

You can also expect a few carefully curated interludes including a family-friendly guide to how a book is made, from a tiny seed to the paperback or hardback book we read.