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Day 4 - Cheltenham Science Festival @ Home

Today’s line-up of speakers includes Astronomer Royal Martin Rees, David Shariatmadari, Marty Jopson, Nate Adams and Bruce Hood.

Nate Adams kicks off the day with his explosive family show – the Sound of Science.

Stuart Vyse explores the nature and surprising history of superstition from antiquity to the present including a look at the new superstitions surrounding COVID19.

David Shariatmadari speaks about the mindboggling journey through the science of language, in a myth-busting account of how languages influence the way we think.

Greg Foot takes a daily delve into one of the of the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals. Today he’s joined Rae Stanton-Smithson from LUSH and UKRI GCRF Challenge Leader Jaideep Gupte to discuss Responsible Consumption And Production.

Astronomer Royal Martin Rees investigates the role of scientists in policy and politics, and presents his hopes and fears about the longer-term future.

In a late addition to the published programme, Marty Jopson joins in at 4pm to take a microscopic journey into the invisible world around you. In the show he gives blood so you can see white blood cells, chops open a dandelion, uses special optics to reveal the beauty of crystals and remotely operates a scanning electron microscope to get a super-high magnification look at pollen.

Mark Miodownik and Andrea Sella explore the science of cocktails and demonstrate how to make the perfect Gin and Tonic.

In Possessed, psychologist Bruce Hood considers what drives our need for ownership and questions the extent to which we’re controlled by our possessions.

You can also expect a few carefully curated interludes including highlights from our FameLab International contestants sharing their passion for physics-related subjects. We dive into the Science Festival archives with Matt Haig’s Notes On A Nervous Planet FestCast (podcast) – an honest and human guide to coping with the modern world.