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Day 2 - Cheltenham Science Festival @ Home

Today’s line-up of speakers includes Festival regulars Katie Steckles, Jamie Gallagher and Nate Adams sharing the wonders of colourful science in an event for all the family.

Nick Jelley explains the basics of renewable energy in this fast-changing and world-changing energy sector.

Adam Hart, from the University of Gloucestershire who explores whether wildlife has had it good during when COVID19 struck, or if the global picture is much more complex.

Greg Foot takes a daily delve into one the of the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals. Today he’s joined by Helen Czerski and UKRI GCRF Researcher Elisa Morgera to explore Life Below Water.

Director of the Rosalind Franklin Institute James Naismith joins Vivienne Parry to explore how Franklin’s legacy continues to inform scientific research today.

Mark Miodownik and Andrea Sella explore the science of cocktails and demonstrate how to make the perfect champagne cocktail.

Intel’s Simon Johnson discusses confidential computing, the emerging technological capability concerned with the secure processing of data whilst “in use”.

Young conservationist Bella Lack meets Liz Bonnin to discuss fast fashion, big industry and throw-away culture and explore how we might help save the planet.

You can also expect a few carefully curated interludes including highlights from our FameLab International contestants sharing their passion for biology-related subjects. Part two of our writing for wellness series with our Beyond Words writer-in-residence Caleb Parkin and a dive into the Science Festival archives with a FestCast featuring Ben Fogel and Mark Boyle talking about life off-grid and a throwback highlight from the 2018 Cheltenham Science Festival with Google DeepMind’s Demis Hassabis talking about The Future of AI and Science.