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Day 1 - Cheltenham Science Festival @ Home

Today’s line-up of #cheltscifestathome artists includes family favourite Stefan Gates, the Gastronaut, who kicks off proceedings at 10am with The Quantum Mechanical Chocolate Factory. His Wonka-esque, snack-based science show with loads of demos you can try at home, plus a few you really can’t!

Matthew Cobb shares the latest research into the surprisingly complex sense of smell, involving the brain as much as the nose and then gallops through centuries of wild speculation and anatomical investigation to unveil the secrets of the human brain.

Greg Foot takes a daily delve into one the of the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals. Today he’s joined by Claire Heffernam and Lorraine Sherr who discuss whether we can ever achieve a world with Zero Hunger.

Google Deepmind’s Sims Witherspoon explains how the application of AI to projects like energy-saving and renewables can tackle climate change.

Jacky Colliss Harvey and Amit Patel (with his guide dog Kika) reflect on our evolving relationship with dogs and their superhuman abilities.

Mark Miodownik and Andrea Sella explore the science of cocktails and demonstrate what it takes to make the perfect Gin Fizz.

Intel’s Joseph Curley introduces us to the fascinating field of high-performance computing – once reserved for global superpowers but now available to science, academics and industry.

Stuart Russell explains why super-intelligent machines could represent a threat to our species and how we can change course before it’s too late.

You can also expect a few carefully curated interludes including highlights from winners of FameLab our annual international science communication competition. A fun practical session with our Beyond Words writer-in-residence Caleb Parkin, on how writing and words can help with mental health and a dive into the Science Festival archives with Alice Roberts and Adam Rutherford who discuss The History of Our Genes.