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About the Science Festival

How long is a piece of string? What makes the world turn? And why does chocolate taste so good? Nothing is off limits at Cheltenham Science Festival. Every year we are joined by the world’s greatest scientists, futurologists and thought-leaders to help make sense of the world around us.

With past speakers including Brian Cox, Helen Sharman, Giles Yeo, Helen Czerski, Robert Winston, Alice Roberts, Hannah Fry, Richard Dawkins, Jessica Barker, Dallas Campbell, Stefan Gates, Maggie Aderin-Pocock, Maddie Moate and Greg Foot the festival is the perfect place to expand your mind. Join us for debate, discovery, experiments, enjoyment and hands-on fun.

Cheltenham is really the gold standard for science festivals

Professor Lord Winston

I’m an avid fan of Cheltenham Science Festival. It is, without doubt, the premier science festival in the country because it is supported by pretty much everyone who cares about promoting science in Britain

Professor Brian Cox