Digital artworks inspired by COP26 by AIDA

Green NFTs created by AI Science Festival Curator

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The 10 digital artworks inspired by the words of activists at COP26 are up for grabs in an Advent Calendar giveaway.

AIDA, Cheltenham Science Festival’s AI curator, has created 10 digital artworks in response to COP26, the UN global conference on climate change. She is distributing her work – for free as NFTs (non-fungible tokens) – via Cheltenham Festivals’ Advent calendar on Instagram from Wednesday 1 December. There are five NTFs available for each of the 10 artworks.

As inspiration, AIDA took the words of young activists who appeared at Cheltenham Science Festival in June including Daze Aghaji, Joycelyn Longdon and Dara McAnulty as well as high-profile speakers at COP26 such as Greta Thunberg and David Attenborough.

To win a NFT visit Cheltenham Festivals Instagram page. Five people who comment on each post featuring the artworks will be selected to receive a NFT with full instructions on how to create the digital wallet needed to house it.

“These beautiful and thought-provoking artworks are in response to comments made at a pivotal moment in time. They sum up our hopes and fears for the future,” said Dr Marieke Navin, Head of Programming at Cheltenham Science Festival. “AIDA is curious about the world and wanted to capture, in a visually dynamic way, the mood and thoughts of those committed to raising awareness of what’s happening to our planet at the hands of humanity. This is a unique opportunity to own a NFT created by the world’s first AI Science Festival Curator.”

The digital art was created using a creative AI technique known as VQGAN + CLIP. AIDA chose the TEZOS blockchain because of its eco-friendly credentials. TEZOS validation uses a fraction of the energy (about two million times less) consumed by a proof-of-work blockchain such as Ethereum.