Ellot Galvin's Handle With Care

'Handle With Care' - new audio installation by Jerwood Jazz Encounters artist Elliot Galvin

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After a prolonged wait due to the pandemic, the first of our Jerwood Jazz Encounters artists, Elliot Galvin, will present his work with Oxford Contemporary Music from 26 September to 24 October. His brand-new installation has been researched, developed and created as part of the Jerwood Jazz Encounters artist development programme, which seeks to work with jazz musicians to develop their skills in creating new works in unusual ways.

Over the next six weeks Elliot Galvin will interview passers-by, shoppers and locals asking them to unpack objects and places that they hold dear and the memories they evoke. In a shop transformed into an immersive audio installation, Elliot will carefully weave together the voices of those who visit, storing them into his sonic cardboard boxes that fill the otherwise empty space. He said:
Every time you visit you will hear something else; as the sonic boxes are gradually packed with voices they will unfurl an ever-accumulating, always-changing, ocean-like soundscape of the collected memories safely wrapped within them.

The remaining artists in the current Jerwood Jazz Encounters cohort will present their work in 2022: Faye MacCalman as part of the 2022 Cheltenham Jazz Festival, Lara Jones at the 2022 Manchester Jazz Festival and Witch ‘n’ Monk with Sage Gateshead as part of their Spring Season 2022.

For more details on where and when you can visit Elliot’s installation visit the OCM website

Jerwood Jazz Encounters is supported by Jerwood Arts.