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FestCast - Cheltenham Science Festival @ Home Special: Three Podcasts Exploring Coronavirus

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For Cheltenham Science Festival @ Home, our Science Festival Chair Vivienne Parry has recorded three podcasts exploring coronavirus in collaboration with UCL. In these podcasts, they discuss the past, the present and the future, providing a unique insight into the pandemic in a world where information and misinformation are so dense.

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Learning From Pandemics

What can be learned from past pandemics to help us prepare for the future? Science Festival Chair Vivienne Parry is joined by John Sabapathy, Senior Lecturer in Medieval History, Nicola Miller, Professor of Latin-American History, Graham Hart, Professor of Sexual Health and HIV Research and Professor of Infectious Disease, Anne Johnson.

The Genomics Of Covid-19: Tracking And Tackling The Virus

Science Festival Chair Vivienne Parry is joined by four UCL professors to explore how we can tackle and track the virus. Professor of Biochemical Engineering Suzanne Farid, Richard Angell, Principal Research Associate, Francois Balloux, Chair in Computational Biology Systems and Judith Breuer, Professor of Virology.

Reimagining The Future In The Time Of Corona

A UCL team made up of Professor of Climatology Mark Maslin, Associate Professor of Science & Technology Studies Jack Stilgoe and Professor of Virology, Deenan Pillay talk to Science Festival Chair, Vivienne Parry about the future post-coronavirus.