FestCast - When 26.2 Miles Just Isn't Enough

FestCast - When 26.2 Miles Just Isn't Enough

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They are an almost-impossible test of the human body and spirit, yet ultramarathons are more popular than ever. BBC Radio 2 sports presenter Vassos Alexander, who wrote Running Up That Hill and completed the legendary Dragon’s Back mountain race. Ben Smith, who ran 401 marathons in 401 days and wrote a book… named 401 and BBC News presenter Sophie Raworth, who completed the Marathon des Sables, all attest to the transformative power of endurance running.

We’re living in a transformative time of isolation and social distancing, but one where we’re reminded of the importance of staying fit and healthy every day. We’ve all seen the home workout routine’s on social media, some of us will have joined the likes of Joe Wicks in their morning exercises. But what is it that drives us to exercise when the chips are down?

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