Write Now - In my 18 year old naivety

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Write Now is a unique talent development programme for 16–18 year olds that aims to nurture young people’s creative writing abilities. Participants are supported through mentoring, workshops and networking as well as having an opportunity to take part in The Times and The Sunday Times Cheltenham Literature Festival.

Here’s Write Now participant Megan with her poem ‘In my 18 year old naivety’.

In my 18 year old naivety,
People either say
grow up
you don’t understand

here is what I understand
-I understand, the paleomagnetism of the Earth
which is the ancient magnetic field of the Earth and how it has changed
-I understand, how Gatsby only ever threw his parties for the girl he loved
-I understand, how the written words tell a story we may not be brave enough to speak aloud

- you know what –

-I also understand, how our fate rests in the hands of a select few
-I understand, how a plane journey away women are being branded murderers simply for a choice over their own bodies
-I understand, how the plastic in our oceans, and the ever growing warmth of the planet has become irreversible

But with my troublesome 18 year old naivety, of voting and drinking
I guess I appear to know nothing at all

Maybe, it’s time to grow up?