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Allen Ginsberg, Stevie Smith, Lemn Sissay, Simon Armitage, Hollie McNish, Seamus Heaney, George The Poet.

The Minds of Our Generation Audio Trail

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The town whose streets you walk has played host to hundreds of voices down the years. Writers, Politicians, Explorers and Poets have breathed the same air that you do now, seen the same buildings, rested on the same chair, leaned against the same walls. Despite the years between you, some of those voices linger, and for the duration of your stay here, they will perform for an audience of one.

They will perform for you.

To commemorate the 70th anniversary of the Cheltenham Literature Festival, readings from poets who have appeared at the Festival during the last seventy years have been unearthed from our archives to share with you as you walk the streets of this Festival town.

The poets you’ll hear from are Allen Ginsberg (1993), Stevie Smith (1965), Lemn Sissay (2011), Simon Armitage (2009), Hollie McNish (2016), Seamus Heaney (1995) and George The Poet (2015).

All you need to do is visit and get your walking shoes on. Start your journey at the Bookstand at the Festival Village in Montpellier Gardens. As you follow the trail throughout the town you’ll find Literature related murals created by artists during the Cheltenham Paint Festival to celebrate our 70th anniversary.

The experience is completely free, and runs on iOS and Android phones.

Here’s how to use the Audio Trail

  • On your mobile phone turn on your mobile data and your location is enabled
  • Go to to access the audio trail
  • You can install the app by adding it to your home screen or run it from the browser
  • Make sure your location is enabled and when you reach the map page allow it to access your device location
  • The audio auto trigger when you are in the correct location
  • Follow the pink markers on the map to find the next trigger point – your location is marked by a blue dot
  • Your web browser must remain open to update your location and trigger the next poet
  • Dependant on your network speed the audio might take a few seconds to load before it starts playing
  • If you want to listen to any of the audio again, wait until after it has gone grey then you can tap “reset points”
  • We hope that you enjoy the journey.

With thanks to Ambient Literature, the poets, publishers and estates for commissions.