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University of Gloucestershire students create #cheltjazzfest 2018 magazine

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Throughout the 2018 Cheltenham Jazz Festival journalism students from the University of Gloucestershire were busy interviewing artists, reviewing performances and talking to Cheltenham Festivals staff to create their very own Big Top magazine.

The magazine gives a great overview of what the Cheltenham Jazz Festival and its associated Talent Development and Education programmes are trying to achieve. The students have produced the whole magazine themselves including taking photographs, writing copy.

This is just part of a wider partnership which Cheltenham Festivals has with the University of Gloucestershire. On the Monday of the Festival their Event Management students provided a whole host of free family-friendly activities around the Festival Village and their Media students were busy filming throughout. The students have been able to work closely with the Festival’s Marketing Team to gain a real insight into the work that goes into promoting a festival and how to respond to a creative brief.

Andrew Lansley, Senior Lecturer, University of Gloucestershire said: “Working with the Cheltenham Jazz Festival this year has provided outstanding opportunities for students across the School of Media. It has been amazing watching our journalism students develop and produce such a fantastic magazine that captures the excitement and energy of the weekend’s events.

Working alongside professionals as well as being able to access artists, events and key festival staff has allowed them access to the kind of dynamic environment into which they will graduate. It was no easy task to create a 28-page publication onsite over the course of the festival, but the calibre of their work is a testament to the success of the partnership between the University of Gloucestershire and Cheltenham Festivals.

Hesham Abdelhamid, Journalism Student said: “Creating The Big Top has been a very exciting and rewarding opportunity. Creating a magazine within four days was a challenging task. However, with a talented group of individuals and a driven mindset we were able to create a publication with a multitude of different articles. Other than being jam-packed with reviews and interviews, we wanted to shine a light on the amazing work that goes on behind the scenes and to thank all the volunteers who work very hard. The magazine also contains a playlist for all the festival goers to reflect back on their time in Cheltenham while listening to the sounds of the incomparable artists who graced the festival.

Personally, I found this overall venture very beneficial. I aspire to work as part of a magazine design team in my professional career and this experience really pushed my design techniques and knowledge beyond my own limits. I felt very confident throughout the process – I was armed with the knowledge and skills needed, of which I gained from my magazine design and publishing modules at the University of Gloucestershire.

Check out the University of Gloucestershire’s students Cheltenham Jazz Festival magazine The Big Top by clicking the button below.

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