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Lisa Loxton, Reading Teachers = Reading Pupils participant and teacher at The Rissington School in Cheltenham, tells us how she’s using the project to inspire her class…

By our own admission we are a very noisy class. In Harrier Class (Y5/6) we are constantly striving to find ways to help us concentrate – even resorting to having a chime bell, which we try and focus on, to help us keep quiet. We are loving reading The Last Wild as a class.

Recently, we looked at the character of Kester; what it is like not to speak (bliss!) and how he has to listen really carefully to hear what the animals are saying to him. We imagined we were Kester and wondered what we could hear, even when we thought it would be silent.

So, I sounded the chime; no voices could be heard and when the sound of the bell stopped we listened; listened hard; like Kester would listen. What would we could hear in the silence. Once our two minutes were up we quickly wrote our sounds down into our reading records to make our own poem about “The Silence”.

Emily could hear……

Blinds clapping excitedly in the breeze,
Happy children chattering and laughing
Chairs being moved and scattered about,
People sniffing and coughing vigorously,
The buzzing of flies and bees
Loud breathing whilst the silence carries on.
A door slamming.

Milly wrote….

In the silence I could hear….
many blinds clattering,
classes chattering
sniffs snuffling
pages turning, scrunching
doors slamming
creeping footsteps
clocks ticking
watches too.

We cannot wait to write about the fish road – I wonder what descriptions we will come up with.