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Did you know you can support your very own event at a Festival?

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From inviting your choice of artist, to arranging hospitality for you and your guests and even hosting an exclusive reception with the performer afterwards, we can work with you to put together an event that truly reflects your passion for the Festivals.

Whether you are seeing your favourite artists in concert, discussing events with authors and speakers, or hearing the premiere performance of a new piece of music, supporting an event at the festivals is an exciting and rewarding experience.

We simply could not bring high quality events to Cheltenham without charitable donations, and individual supporters enable us to bring authors, scientists, musicians and composers who would not otherwise appear at the Festivals.

Whether you choose to donate as an individual, or to share the performance by giving as a group, we will be happy to organise your seating and any hospitality you wish to arrange for your chosen event. Should you wish to meet the performers or speakers in your event, we would be delighted to invite them on your behalf.

If you would like to find out more about supporting an event, or to discuss the artists or speakers who you would be passionate about bringing to the Festivals, then contact Richard Smith, Head of Individual Giving on 01242 537262 or