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Sarah Gabriel

Blog: Sarah Gabriel on La Voix Humaine

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‘Come on now, be honest! Which one of you wouldn’t rather listen to his hairdresser than Hercules? Or Horatius…

Javanese Dancers

Blog: Pagodaland: Britten and the Gamelan

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Cheltenham’s Pittville Pump Room houses one of the most beautiful and prized gamelan in the country. In this Bri…

Science Festival Volunteer

Blog: Untold Stories from Cheltenham Volunteers

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There are some great stories being told at Cheltenham Science Festival, but not all of them get aired inside a white m…

Dr Adam Rutherford

Blog: The Mouse House

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Event: Of Mice and Men – Adam Rutherford and Steve Brown Science broadcaster Adam Rutherford chaired the event Of …


Blog: Sleep isn't for wimps...

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Event: Sleepless in Cheltenham – Dr Kirstie Anderson, Dr John Stradling and Russell Foster It is well known that s…

S015 jocelyn bell.jpg

Blog: Science Festival Coverage

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The Times Cheltenham Science Festival is a six-day celebration of science, engineering and the arts aimed solely at th…

Photography credit: adactio via flickr

Blog: The Science of Tea

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Tea: the nation’s favourite beverage and a drink synonymous with British culture. As one of the 40 million Britons…


Blog: WIN! Letters from Skye

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March 1912: Twenty-four-year-old Elspeth Dunn, a published poet and a fisherman’s wife, has never seen the world bey…



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Compulsive, entertaining and a great read at the time … but did it really hang together? Opinion was divided – a…


Blog: Is My Immune System Normal?

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I usually succumb to three bouts of the common cold a year – once over Christmas, once during exams and the final wi…


Blog: Monkey Business

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Event: Will Humans Evolve in the Future? – Mark Thomas, Damian Bailey, David Green and Simon Watts In Will Humans …


Blog: Crystal Clear

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Event: Liquid Crystals: From Butterflies To iPads – Professor Stephen Kelly Children all over Britain are taught …

Blog: Carbon: The Home Truths

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Event: Homes that cut carbon and costs – Jonathon Hines, Jonathon Porritt, Bill Dunster and Adrian Phillips. The 5…


Blog: Comparing The Meerkat...

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Tim Clutton-Brock’s work on meerkats in the Kalahari Desert led to the launch of the first ever animal docu-soap Mee…

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