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Question Everything @ The Times Cheltenham Science Festival

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The important thing is not to stop questioning

Albert Einstein

Is there life out there in the universe? Will we ever run out of oil? Do men and women think differently? Will we find a cure for cancer?

From the everyday to the extraordinary, from the mundane to the ridiculous, The Times Cheltenham Science Festival is all about asking questions. This year, we’re celebrating the unknown and inviting you to Question Everything.
In the run up to the Festival, we’ll be talking to eminent scientists and big thinkers, asking for their top questions in the fields of science and technology.

We recently caught up with Science Festival regulars, Quentin Cooper, Mark Lythgoe and Russell Foster to ask for their big, unanswered questions…

Do you have a science question that you’d love to know the answer to? We want to hear from you! Ask us your science questions and look out for our Twitter Q&A sessions with top scientists and speakers from the Science Festival: @cheltfestivals #cheltscifest

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