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Blog: 3 minutes to impress... in FameLab

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How does a synchrotron work? What is love? Why do men have nipples? What would an alien look like? These are the sor…

What happened a few seconds after the Big Bang? Cosmologists and particle physicists are working hard to find the answers (from “The Beginning of the Universe... for Beginners” CERN/TED ED/Hornet Inc.)

Blog: The Biggest Question Of All?

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How did our universe begin? People have been trying to answer this since they’ve been able to ask questions. Tom Why…

Black Garden Ants

Blog: Why Bother With a Mate?

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Like much of the animal kingdom, we inherit half of our chromosomes from our mother and half from our father. But some…

Discover Engineering @ Cheltenham Science Festival

Blog: Discover Engineering

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Exhibiting at an event like Cheltenham Science Festival brings its own unique brand of challenge for a group like ours…


Blog: James Watson: Nobel Prize Winner

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Few scientists find fame, and even fewer find it in their twenties. Yet in a Cambridge pub 60 years ago, a 25-year old…

Science of tea

Blog: What makes the perfect cuppa?

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Simon Hill, tea buyer from Taylors of Harrogate, gives his top tips for the perfect brew. Tea leaves or tea bags? …

Dara O Briain

Blog: Dara O Briain: On some big questions

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In the final blog from The Times Cheltenham Science Festival Guest Director Dara O Briain, he answers some of our ques…


Blog: Could You Survive A Tsunami?

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British Geological Survey scientist, Professor David Tappin, asks what the latest scientific developments mean for our…

The surgeon, Miss Laura Muirhead, uses the iKnife to identify a lump in the bowel.

Blog: The Cutting Edge

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This year at the Cheltenham Science Festival, you will be able to experience how a new surgical tool could revolutioni…

Tasmanian Devil

Blog: Just So Science

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There are no two ways about it. Make a radio programme about Rudyard Kipling’s Just So Stories for Radio 4 and you…

Dara O Briain

Blog: Dara O Briain: on Peter Higgs

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In the third of four blogs from The Times Cheltenham Science Festival Guest Director Dara O Briain, he talks about the…

Happy Birthday MRC

Blog: Happy Birthday MRC!

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Happy Birthday MRC! Celebrating a century of changing lives… A fantastic line-up of eminent scientists and b…

FameLab Academy winner Simi Adeshina

News: FameLab Academy 2013

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First ever FameLab Academy competition culminates in spectacular final in London’s Bloomsbury Theatre On April 23,…

Helicobacter  Pylori - the bacteria swallowed by Morris

Blog: Citizen science and the human guinea pig

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A picture of a 30ft tapeworm laced around the fingers of my lecturer, David Jenkins, is not an image I will ever forge…

Dara O Briain

Blog: Dara O Briain: on the Festival

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In the second of four blogs from The Times Cheltenham Science Festival Guest Director Dara O Briain, he tells us about…

Height of the land surface in the "HadCM3" version of the UK Met Office climate model

Blog: Can We Trust Climate Models?

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I’m a climate modeller. Why would I invite a climate sceptic to the Cheltenham Science Festival to have a public dis…

May Book Club

Blog: May Book Club: Your Thoughts

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A plum pudding of a book… some very sweet, juicy bits but if you have too much at once it will give you terrible …


Blog: Stylish Circus-Swing

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After Trio Damba (and lunch), I went to Gabby Young and Other Animals in the Big Top. The band was large – an 8…

Dara O Briain

Blog: Dara O Briain: On Dara

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In the first of four blogs from The Times Cheltenham Science Festival Guest Director Dara O Briain, the comedian, pres…

Perovskite Model

Blog: Why Chemists Are Lonely At Parties

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Something happens to scientists, and I suspect this probably happens more to chemists and physicists than other flavou…

Van Morrison

Blog: A Legend Comes to Cheltenham

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My Cheltenham Jazz Festival experience concluded with Van Morrison in the Big Top on Monday night. His music was pl…

Sun Rooms Sitting.jpg

Blog: Cheltenham Vibes

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Sunday night saw me at the Parabola Arts Centre for vibraphonist Jason Adasiewicz and his trio Sun Rooms, with Devon H…

Gregory Porter

Blog: Soul Connection: Gregory Porter

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Gregory Porter has recently taken a turn towards soul, pop, and the classic RnB sound, which he displayed in his groov…


Blog: A Jazz Festival Double Bill

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Hi everyone. First up, Josephine in the big top on Sunday afternoon. A singer/songwriter who I admit I was unfamiliar…


News: Qualia Smile

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Start every day off with a smile and get it over with.W. C. Fields ‘Qualia Smile’ is a playful smil…

Jazz Festival 2013

Blog: The Atmosphere at Jazz

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Walking past the BBC Concert Orchestra’s gigantic touring bus and hearing the sounds of the Guy Barker Orchestra sou…

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