Made a donation with your Festival ticket? Read about how it's helped us!

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At the Cheltenham Jazz Festival it’s often the internationally recognised acts that grab the headlines, but any visitor will also see that there’s a lot more going on at the Festival.

As a charity we aim to give everyone the opportunity to engage directly with arts and science, and so across all four Festivals you’ll see all sorts of free activities taking place. We also keep ticket prices as low as possible, so that everyone has the chance to see high quality events.

Taking place over the main weekend of the Jazz Festival, Jazz It Up! celebrates the best of Gloucestershire’s lively school jazz scene, giving secondary school bands a rare and highly-valued opportunity to showcase their talent against the backdrop of a world-renowned Festival. These performances are always high energy and lots of fun, and most importantly they get young people involved in creating music.

We also give opportunities to emerging artists, authors and scientists, which can really help to develop their careers. For instance, this year’s Cheltenham Music Festival will give up-and-coming composers the opportunity to immerse themselves in classical music, with workshops from internationally recognised musicians and leading composers.

This is where our supporters make a real difference to our work. People are often surprised to learn that only 40% of our income comes from tickets. Without our supporters we simply could not create the inspiring experiences that make Cheltenham Festivals the success they are or give these fantastic opportunities to emerging artists and scientists.

We are very grateful for the donations which many of you have recently given when booking tickets. If you are about to make a booking for one of our Festivals then please do give a donation if you can – every gift really does make a difference to our work and we are extremely grateful for your support.

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