Upended by the split from his one-and- only girlfriend, the distraught Satie wrote a piece for piano in 1893 with the instruction that it was to be repeated 840 times, extremely slowly. Unsurprisingly, it was never performed in his lifetime: it was only years later, in 1963, that Satie-fan John Cage organised its premiere – with a relay of pianists – in New York. It took over 18 hours – as will this Cheltenham performance, with our own relay of professionals, amateurs, students and intrigued enthusiasts.

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Playing the Unplayable…

In the spirit of BBC Music Get Playing, we are inviting any pianists of moderate ability upwards to be part of this unusual event marking Satie’s 150th birthday year. Read a historical take on the piece by Cheltenham Music Festival Director Meurig Bowen on the BBC website by clicking the link below.

BBC Music Get Playing


St Paul’s Church GL50 4EZ

Keyboard Inventions…

Zubin Kanga’s Dark Twin M12  Dave Maric’s Vigil M14  Radiophonic Ritual M15  Will Gregory’s Moog Ensemble M17  Moments of Weightlessness M19  Clare Hammond’s cinematic piano M20  Vexations M40  Christina McMaster’s Multimedia Satie M42

Keyboard Inventions – with its nod towards J.S. Bach’s works of the same name – celebrates Satie’s legacy as the trailblazer, the architect of change in the way the piano has been played and written for since his own lifetime. Whether it’s the minimalist piano, the ‘prepared’ piano, the piano’s role in multimedia explorations or the wider bounds of ‘conceptual art’, Satie was there at the beginning.

This Cheltenham focus not only showcases the widest possible range of Satie’s own output; his multimedia influence is brought right up to date with avatars, synths, animation, wearable tech, new scores for old films and an inside-out pendulum piano.


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