Cavaleri Quartet with
Celan Quartet*
Gildas Quartet*
Quatuor Hermes*

Harvey Mortuos Plango, Vivos Voco 10’
Tavener Scatter Roses Over My Tears (UK premiere) 15’
Tavener Towards Silence* 35’

In the immensity of Gloucester Cathedral’s darkening, candlelit nave, be transported by this sonically spatial, mystical sequence reflecting on life and death.

‘I feel very close to this music,’ wrote John Tavener of Towards Silence, a poignant meditation on the Four States of Being for four surround-sound string quartets and Tibetan Bowl.

Scatter Roses Over My Tears is one of Tavener’s last completed works, and the 12th Cheltenham premiere of his music since the first in 1970.

Tavener’s music is complemented here by the extraordinary creation for multi-track tape by his near contemporary Jonathan Harvey. Computer- processed music has never been more human and transcendent than this audience-enveloping mosaic from 1980, featuring Harvey’s chorister son and Winchester Cathedral’s awesome tenor bell.

Scatter Roses Over My Tears supported by The Garrick Charitable Trust

Quatuor Hermes supported by

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