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Meet our #cheltlitfest Blogger!

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Following some time brooding over the many fantastic, creative and talented applications that reached us as part of our #cheltlitfest blogger call-out, we have found a great someone! Let’s give her the stage for this weekend and get to know her in her own words: meet Catherine Lyon.

I have always been a bookworm. I’m also a sucker for a great story, which is probably why I read Jane Eyre when I was 14. However, unlike in Charlotte Bronte’s time, storytellers aren’t just people scribbling with their quills by candlelight, or sighing at a typewriter, they’re people with cameras, notebooks and biros. Today’s storytellers rarely write more than a single chapter (if they write at all), and their stories exist in pixels rather than on ink and paper.

How we write our stories may have changed, but people’s thirst for a good story has not. I personally have written many stories in many different ways. From fairytales at school to business blogs at work, stories have been a constant in my life and will hopefully continue to be.

I’m really excited to check out more stories, read others and write my own this weekend and I hope that you’ll enjoy reading and sharing them. Please feel free to share your stories of the Festival, suggest what stories you’d like to read and let me know what you think of mine. My stories can only get better with your help! See you there.

I’m not a robot (or a hoax)! Check out some of my previous work at cathlyon.contently.com or tweet my real person account @CathELyon.