#cheltlitfest Blog: An interview behind the scenes

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Phillipa Crather – Saturday – Green Room

I just met Phillipa when taking a sneaky peek in the Green Room. She’s got this lucky job until 2pm this afternoon before she goes ‘on-call’ around the festival. “When you’re on-call you could be doing pretty much anything. You usually end up running lots of errands for people!”

This is Phillipa’s second year volunteering at the Chelt Lit, “I just loved it so much I had to come back!” She’s has always had an interest for books and literature and was a fan of the festival before she started volunteering.

I just loved it so much I had to come back!

Phillipa Crather

“Last year I had a really interesting time, I got to meet some great people and saw how it all works behind the scenes. The way that people pull together to make the festival happen is really interesting.” Despite sometimes having to be on-site until 11pm, Phillipa says that she had to come back this year and is working the full two week festival.

“You get to do a range of different jobs,” she says, “This year I’m doing a couple of days driving (celebrities to and from the train station) which is good because you get to meet the speakers at close quarters. It’s quite funny because some of them like to chat to you and ask you how you are and others are quite preoccupied with what’s going on.”

She’s also hoping to catch some of the bigger events this year. “They’re the ones that I like the best, particularly the Q and As.”

Phillipa admits that it’s these big events that keep pulling her back, despite the lack of sleep. “I’ve got a night off tonight though so I’m going to really enjoy that!”

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