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Phase 2 - From 6.30pm

Pitch In A Pub


Chicken House is known for publishing some of the best-known names in children’s fiction… and this is your chance to pitch your story to them! Aspiring writers will have five minutes to present their work to a Chicken House editor. Only 6 slots are available so be quick to bag a slot! 18+ only.

Please register here. Once you are registered a publisher will be in touch to send you a zoom slot at a time convenient for you.

Please note this event will now take place on Zoom

Leena Norms: Bargin Bin Rom-Com

The Coffee Dispensary
6.30pm – 7.30pm

Join a hybrid evening of creativity and community where poetry-reading meets pep-talk. Leena is a poet, presenter and vlogger with three decades of experience putting herself out there – she’ll be running an interactive event on imposter syndrome and performing poems-in-progress from her upcoming collection Bargain Bin Rom-Com. Learn to identify the origins of self-doubt, overcome creativity scars, belong anywhere and get on with making what you want.

Stanley Iyanu and Saili Katebe

Badlands Records
6.30pm – 7.30pm

Don’t miss this this dynamic double bill of poetry and spoken word. Stanley Iyanu and Saili Katebe perform some of their latest work. Drop into Badlands to be wowed by two of the most talented spoken word artists around.

Catch more of Saili at Raise The Bar later in the evening.

Read The World: Open Mic Night with JPDL

Boston Tea Party
6.30pm – 7.30pm

Join Cheltenham’s very own spoken word extraordinaire JPDL as he hosts a wondrous night of poetry. Hear his fantastic new work and explore the theme of Read The World. Want to share something? Stand up to the mic and get involved too. We would love to hear what Read The World means to you.

The Secrets Behind Your Hand Writing

Drop-in from 5-8pm

Pop into Waterstones to for a one-to-one analysis of your handwriting. What does your handwriting say about you? Are you an extrovert or an introvert? What career would suit you? Even, do you have any undiscovered illnesses? Meet graphologist Christina Strang to discover everything your handwriting gives away about you.

The Poetry Machine

Drop-in from 5-8pm

Beth Calverley fires up her marvellous machine and speed-crafts beautiful, perceptive poems. Have a chat with Beth and within minutes you will be captivated by her talent and receive your bespoke poem.