Book the Baby Sitter

Phase 1 - From 5pm

BOOK THE BABYSITTER: An Evening of Poetry with The Mum Poet Club

Latheram House
5pm – 6pm

A moving, raucous, life affirming and cathartic evening of poetry celebrating the magic and the mayhem of parenting. Book the babysitter and prepare for a great night out.

With poignant, hilarious and beautiful poems from award-winning performers and talented new artists – all members of the Mum Poet Club – this will be an evening of tears, laughter and solidarity, providing a powerful sense of community to those in the throes of the extraordinary experience of raising children

Natural Verbosity

5pm – 6pm

Chloë of the Midnight Storytellers totters into her sixth decade fuelled by cake, cat fur and, frankly, dragon sized grumpiness.
The more she rants, the more you’ll giggle…Continuing her slightly faltering mission to boldly take story cabaret where it’s never gone before, Chloë performs her distinctive style of verbal jazz. Stories sparkle with comedy, including true life tales – how her second set of parents tried to abandon her on an African mountain; assorted nails in her coffin of romance – plus spinetingling fiction from her heritage repertoire. No reading, no scripts; all hot off the tongue.

The Memsahib Experience

Memsahib Gin and Tea Bar
5pm – 6pm

Settle in with some food or a drink for an immersive theatre experience from The Cheltenham Promenaders.

Discover a history of the remarkable lives of the Memsahibs, whose portraits line the walls of the restaurant, and their fascinating connections to Cheltenham. Their stories of decadence will be brought to life in front of your very eyes.

University of Gloucestershire Poetry Showcase

The Coffee Dispensary
5pm – 6pm

As a society we all have VOICES. As individuals, we all have stories to tell. As we emerge from a shared experience that has redefined our lives and the lives of our community, join writers from the University of Gloucestershire, as they read from a new anthology of poetry and prose that explores identity, belonging, and the power of having your voice heard.

Cheltenham Welcomes Refugees @ School House Cafe

School House Cafe
5pm – 6.30pm

Join Cheltenham Welcomes Refugees for this virtual reality experience. See what life is like in a Syrian Refugee camp and listen to powerful and moving stories from local refugee families.

This experience will last around 10 minutes followed by an informal discussion with the Cheltenham Welcomes Refugees team.

The Secrets Behind Your Hand Writing

Drop-in from 5-8pm

Pop into Waterstones to for a one-to-one analysis of your handwriting. What does your handwriting say about you? Are you an extrovert or an introvert? What career would suit you? Even, do you have any undiscovered illnesses? Meet graphologist Christina Strang to discover everything your handwriting gives away about you.

The Poetry Machine

Drop-in from 5-8pm

Beth Calverley fires up her marvellous machine and speed-crafts beautiful, perceptive poems. Have a chat with Beth and within minutes you will be captivated by her talent and receive your bespoke poem.