Come and discover an inspiring mix of world folk music and exciting new instruments with multi-instrumentalist Katie Stevens and her friends. From the UK to the Middle East, the Balkan or Brazil (and plenty of places in between), listen to the music and stories. Featuring exciting instruments including the Bulgarian kaval and the Arabic ney as well as clarinet, saxophone, whistle and flute!

Important Information

Ticket Booking
Children under 12 years must be accompanied by a ticket holding adult aged 16 or over. Everyone over the age of 12 months is allocated a seat and requires a ticket, while babies in arms (12 months and under) do not require a ticket unless otherwise stated. No tickets are required for free Yamaha Sessions.

Age Recommendations
Age recommendations are here to help you as an approximate guide to the ages of children who we think will most enjoy each performance. Everyone is always welcome to all of these shows, but some parts will be more suited to the ages we’ve suggested.


Yamaha Discovery Space

Our dedicated venue for family-friendly events, with a mix of mini-gigs, workshops and craft sessions. The venue has informal, unreserved seating with lots of comfy beanbags and floor cushions for kids.

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