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5 Fringe Things To Do At #cheltjazzfest

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Jazz Festival Manager Emily Jones lists her five favourite Fringe things at Cheltenham Jazz Festival in 2017

Get yourself some Ear Candy

In recent years we’ve been moving jazz out of the concert hall and offering a new way in for people. Look out for our sonic vending machines dispensing Ear Candy created by local instrument-maker and musician Sam Underwood. Insert £3 and claim a surprise musical toy. WARNING: INCLUDES FUN

Watch a composer live in action

Catch a ‘live remix’ of five gigs created in front of your eyes (and ears) on Sunday at 8.15pm

Stay up late

A new late-night residency by cult swing stars Kansas Smitty‘s is at the Daffodil from 11pm to 1am. Who knows which festival artists might step up to play at the late-night jam sessions at Hotel du Vin? The session officially ends at 3am but has been known to continue until the hotel serves breakfast at 5am.

Catch a free gig

I recommend grabbing a drink, soaking up the April sunshine and sampling something new from our series of free gigs by emerging talent.

Cheer on Cheltenham’s Next Generation

In one of the most heart-warming parts of the weekend, we put young talent from Gloucestershire’s school jazz bands on our Free Stage on Saturday and Sunday.

Emily’s full guide to the Jazz Festival appears in the Spring 2017 issue of Perspectives published by