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Credit: Megan Watt

4th Cheltenham Composer Academy


Dr K Sextet
Mantras piano duo
Michael Zev Gordon director

Cheltenham Music Festival’s Composer Academy is now open to applications for its fourth edition – a course in which participants will have their compositions workshopped, performed and recorded, alongside attending performances and professional development seminars. Working with the Dr K Sextet, the Mantras piano duo and Composer Academy director Michael Zev Gordon, 12 successful applicants will have the chance to develop their work and have it performed in public showcase performances.

The call for applications is now open

Find more information on eligibility and details here.

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In addition to the 12 main Academy composers, up to 15 observer composer places will be available per day, giving applicants the chance to participate in a workshop of some of their sketches, and attend the full timetable of premiere performances and professional development sessions.

Audience members can attend the two public showcases of the work created, the first with the Dr K Sextet on Monday 11 July and the second with the Mantras piano duo on Tuesday 12 July, both in Cheltenham Ladies’ College Parabola Arts Centre.

Supported by John Mumford and Penny McCracken, The Idlewild Trust, The Marychurch Fellowship and The Michael Tippett Musical Foundation