Music Explorers

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Music for Schools 2019

Inspirational and interactive opportunities for pupils to make and enjoy music. All elements of this programme are planned and presented by alumni of our Musicate programme..

1,813 pupils from 19 primary schools engaged in this year’s offer, which comprised:
• 21 workshops in schools for key stage 2 pupils
• 9 interactive sessions in schools for key stage 1 pupils
• A bespoke concert in Cheltenham Town Hall for 600 pupils that featured a 20-piece orchestra, three Musicats, Jess Gillam, and the teachers from Brass for Africa
• 20 Music Explorer sessions where pupils got their hands on a variety of orchestral instruments

About the workshops

That was the best day ever. When can Ben and Nick come back again?

Pupil, Coalway Junior School

Very professional yet fun and engaging. Perfectly targeted at the age group. Great pace and balance of activities

Teacher, Heron Primary School

About the Concert for Schools and the Music Explorer sessions

A fabulous day for the children and a very engaging performance that all the children thoroughly enjoyed.

Teacher, Gardners’ Lane Primary School

Again the children really enjoyed this and it was wonderful to see them trying out the instruments. They had fun and there was lots of giggles and laughter. The teachers were brilliant too.

Teacher, Ann Edwards Primary School

They all thoroughly enjoyed it. It was valuable experience to support this year’s teaching. Also, a great opportunity to try musical instruments and to spark an interest in playing.

Teacher, Mitton Manor Primary School

I enjoyed played the cello because I’ve never played it before and now I know how to hold it properly (Leona, 9). I liked it when we sang along with the orchestra (Poppy, 9). I liked the African band, playing the instruments and I liked it when the orchestra worked together to make a lovely tune (Katelyn, 9). My favourite bit was when we listened to the orchestra play and I would love to learn the cornet now (James, 9). I enjoyed playing the oboe and using all the different buttons to make all the different tunes (Joseph, 8). Pupils, Ann Edwards Primary School

With thanks to all the supporters of Music for Schools 2019

Supported by funding from Make Music Gloucestershire, the county’s music education hub

We would also like to thank all of our generous individual supporters, including the 70th Festival Appeal Donors.